Proven Strategies for Achieving Your Goals with NDIS WA

At Abelia Care, we understand the importance of living a fulfilling and independent life, regardless of your disability. The NDIS WA offers valuable support to help participants achieve their goals and aspirations. But navigating the NDIS and maximising its potential can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Here are some proven strategies to help you make the most of your NDIS WA plan and achieve the goals you set for yourself:

1. Define Your Goals Clearly:

Start by setting clear and specific goals for what you want to achieve with NDIS support. This could involve:

  • Improving your independence: This might involve learning new skills like self-care, cooking, or managing your finances.
  • Increasing your participation in community activities: You might want to join a sports team, volunteer, or pursue hobbies you enjoy.
  • Enhancing your employment opportunities: You could set goals related to receiving job training, starting a business, or finding a suitable work placement.

2. Create a Detailed Plan:

Once you have defined your goals, work with your NDIS support coordinator or planner to develop a detailed plan. This plan should outline:

  • The specific support and services you need to achieve your goals.
  • The budget allocated for each service.
  • Timeframes and milestones for measuring your progress.

3. Communicate Effectively:

Open and honest communication with your NDIS support coordinator, provider and planner is crucial. This involves:

  • Clearly articulating your needs and preferences.
  • Providing regular updates on your progress.
  • Asking questions and seeking clarification when needed.

4. Be Proactive and Advocate for Yourself:

Remember, you are in control of your NDIS journey. Don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself and actively participate in making decisions about your plan.

5. Seek Additional Support:

On your NDIS journey in WA, if you require additional support, feel free to reach out to Abelia Care. You can call us at 08 6118 2744 to connect with our NDIS support coordinator for guidance and support.

How NDIS WA bringing the change:

Over 220,000 Western Australians currently participate in the NDIS (as of June 2023).

Navigating the journey of NDIS WA isn’t a solitary experience. Joining over 220,000 fellow participants, you become part of a thriving community working towards individual goals and collective empowerment.

The NDIS invested over $9 billion in WA in 2022-23, supporting participants to pursue their goals.

Substantial support is mobilised. The NDIS doesn’t just promise assistance; it commits over $9 billion annually to fuel the dreams and aspirations of Western Australians, solidifying its role as a catalyst for positive change.

Between 2018 and 2022, the number of NDIS participants in WA in employment increased by 31%.

The impact extends beyond personal goals—employment opportunities burgeon. Over the span of four years, a remarkable 31% increase in employed NDIS participants reflects the scheme’s tangible contribution to economic participation and independence.

Studies show that NDIS participants experience increased social inclusion, improved mental health, and enhanced quality of life.

It’s not just about ticking off goals; it’s about fostering a holistic improvement in wellbeing. The research echoes what participants feel daily—heightened social inclusion, fortified mental health, and an overall enhancement in the quality of life, showcasing the profound impact of the NDIS.

Source: National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA)

Abelia Care is here to help!

As your provider of NDIS WA, Abelia Care is committed to supporting you in achieving your NDIS goals. We offer a wide range of services tailored to individual needs, including:

  • Assistance with daily living tasks
  • Community participation support
  • Social and recreational activities
  • Employment support

Contact Abelia Care today to discuss how we can help you make the most of your NDIS plan and live the life you desire.


How often should I update my NDIS plan?

We recommend reviewing and updating your NDIS plan annually. However, if there are changes in your circumstances or goals, don’t hesitate to seek adjustments sooner.

What if I’m not satisfied with my allocated budget?

Express your concerns during your planning meeting. Provide clear reasons and examples to facilitate a discussion on obtaining a more suitable budget allocation.

Can I switch NDIS providers if I’m unhappy with the services?

Absolutely. You have the right to change providers. Discuss concerns with your current provider, and if issues persist, explore alternatives aligned with your needs.

How can I track my progress toward my NDIS goals?

Regularly review your plan, noting achieved milestones and areas for improvement. Maintain open communication with your support team to ensure they are aware of your progress and can provide additional guidance if needed.

 Where does Abelia Care provide services in Western Australia?

Abelia Care is dedicated to reaching participants across various suburbs, including Cockburn Central 6164, Rockingham 6168, Fremantle 6160, Cannington 6107, Armadale 6112, Belmont 6104, Midland 6056, Morley 6062, Subiaco 6008, Innaloo 6018, Mirrabooka 6061, Joondalup 6027, Kingsley 6026, Ellenbrook 6069 and nearby suburbs.

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